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NUTR121: Nutrition: How to Access Full-text in Ebsco Databases & PubMed

This guide is for students enrolled in NUTR121. It will help you locate resources for the Disease & Medical Nutrition Therapy project.

Accessing Full-text Articles

Accessing Articles via EBSCOHost Databases
When searching CINAHL Complete (or any of the other EBSCOHost databases), many citations will have a direct link to the full-text article.
You may also see citations that have a “Click Here for Full Text Finder” link:

When you click on the link, a separate window will open:


Click on the “Find this article in full text from OVID” link to access the article. The date range shown in the record means full-text from Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing is available from 2001 to the present.

You may also encounter citations that have a “Submit Article Request” link:

Click on the “Submit Article Request” link to submit a request for the article. The library will get it for you (no charge!), and we will email you the PDF. Fill out the top part of the form, and click the submit button at the bottom of the form.

Accessing Articles via PubMed

When searching PubMed, links to the full-text of the article are on the "abstract" view in PubMed:

In this example, there is a publisher's link (Wiley Online Library) and an "Get it @ Bryan College of Health Sciences" link.  Click on the link to see if full-text is available.  If there is no full-text available, you can click on the "Request this item through Bryan Library's Interlibrary Loan Service" to submit an article request.