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Library Services-Main Page: PaperCut


PaperCut is the paper management system used on all student printers on campus (both East and West campuses).  At the start of each semester, every undergraduate student is given a PaperCut allocation of $25 ($35 for graduate students). Each time you log into a computer on campus, a PaperCut balance window will appear so that you can keep track of your remaining PaperCut balance.  

  • The $25 PaperCut allocation gives students 500 pages of paper per semester (when printing only in black and white).  Double-sided printing is encouraged, as it will double the amount of printing that you can do.
  • Color Printing is available for $0.25/page.
  • This allocation is sufficient for most students for printing for one semester.  If your PaperCut balance runs low, you may purchase more pages for $0.05/page through one of the librarians.
  • The PaperCut allocation is refreshed at the start of each semester.  The allocation does not roll over from one semester to the next.  
  • Remember to log-off of all campus computers so that your PaperCut balance is not available to other users.  

GRADUATE STUDENTS:  You are allocated $35 in PaperCut.  If your balance only shows $25, please talk to one of the librarians.