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Faculty Services-Main Page: Information Literacy Curriculum Plan

Faculty Services


The Lead Reference & Instruction librarian, working in conjunction with undergraduate and graduate faculty, has developed a set of Information Literacy competencies which is organized by year/level.  These documents have been based on the Association of College and Research Libraries "Information literacy competency standards for higher education," taking into consideration the unique needs of our health sciences curricula.  The competencies are cumulative: IL skills taught at each level build on the IL competencies mastered in the previous level of instruction.  Courses have been designated, for each level, to be core "information literacy courses."  This means that each of these course faculty work with the Instruction librarian to develop or incorporate competency-specific IL instruction into a paper or project for that course. 

Faculty and the Instruction librarian work together to determine the best kind of project in which to apply the newly-learned IL skills, as well as deciding on the most appropriate format in which to deliver the IL instruction.  Ideally, the IL competencies will supplement and strengthen an existing course assignment.

Information literacy instruction can be incorporated into any course; we ask that the instruction be associated with an assignment that will utilize the IL skills taught, and that the IL competencies be appropriate for the program level of the student.


See the links, below, for the Undergraduate and MSN Information Literacy Competency matrices.


Contact Andrea Dinkelman (phone: 402-481-3296), Lead Reference & Instruction Librarian, with questions or concerns about the Information Literacy competencies, or to discuss opportunities to incorporate information literacy skills into your curriculum.