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Faculty Services-Main Page: Textbook/Bookstore Adoptions

Faculty Services

Fall 2018 Textbooks

The Google Docs for faculty textbook submissions for Spring, 2019 are now open.  ​Please have your textbooks entered no later than October 15, 2018. 

​Each program has its own Google Doc.  Click below on the link for your program:

I have created Google Docs for each program and have pre-filled the book details for the books that were used for each course the last time I’m aware that the course ran. For some courses you will need to input all book details.   It is up to you to confirm and approve all titles and ensure that the correct, current edition of each book is listed.  This is the spreadsheet that will determine the books that will be listed in our online Bookstore.

OPEN ACCESS BOOKS:  If you are using Open Access textbooks for your class, please include that information on the Google Doc, including the URL for the text.  MBS allows us to list these titles and  have links to them.  It will cut down on student questions and will allow students to look at the books prior to the start of the semester if they are all listed through the Bookstore. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Bookstore needs to list all resources that students will be expected to purchase or use for your course(s), so that we have good financial transparency for students.  We know that many programs require students to purchase books one semester with the understanding that these same books will be used in later semesters.  To be most clear to students, we want to list all titles you expect your students to have, each semester.  I will craft a “note” to go into the Bookstore to tell students if they will be required to use a text for subsequent semesters, so that they won’t re-sell the book or get a version that expires.

Here are some things for you to watch for:

  • List one title per column.  If you need, Insert columns for your course
  • Line 3:  Enter your name (in case I have questions)
  • Line 13:  Edition:  list the edition number of the book you expect your students to use.  NOTE:  If this is not the most current edition, please make a note about that in the “additional information about the textbook” cell
  • LINE 14:   indicate the adoption level: Required; Optional; Required, previous purchase; Recommended. 
  • Line 15:  “New only?” is where you will indicate if it’s okay for a student to purchase a used copy (“no”) OR if it must be a new copy (like for a workbook)
  • Line 16:  “Ebook acceptable?”  eBooks are challenging because they are usually much less expensive BUT most of the MBS eBooks expire after 3 or 6 months so they are not a solution if students need to use the book in subsequent semesters
  • Line 17:  “Additional information” – let me know anything unusual about the book, if it is available open access only through a website, if it is only available from the publisher/author, etc.  If the book is open access or can only be purchased directly through a publisher’s website, please supply me with the correct URL so the Bookstore can link to it.
  • Line 1:  When you have completed reviewing and revising this information, please indicate in the top row if you have Approved, Updated OR Added a column.  

Please have your textbooks entered no later than October 15, 2018. 


If you have questions please contact: Jan Rice (; 402-481-3908.