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Library Course Guides provide a way to repackage Library resources specific to the needs of an individual class.If you anticipate that your students will be using Library or information resources (databases, journal articles, ebooks, web links) for your course, a Course Guide might be a great way to direct them to credible resources. For courses in which students are encouraged to use authoritative web resources for research or discussions, Course Guides can provide an efficient and organized list of web links, facilitating student use of appropriate websites.Course Guides can also be used to provide instructional content (links to tutorials, review of information literacy skills, etc.) appropriate to the Information Literacy competencies established for that level of the curriculum.


  1. Arrange for a time to talk with Andrea Dinkelman (Lead Reference & Instruction Librarian; 402-481-3296)
  2. Bring your syllabus to the meeting, so that we can talk over your vision for library/information  resources use and brainstorm ways that a Course Guide could provide value-added content
  3. Andrea will put together a “draft” Course Guide based on this conversation and will share it with you for critique and comments
  4. If you are using E-Reserves for your class, a link to E-Reserves can be incorporated into the Course Guide
  5. Each Course Guide is assigned a unique URL.  The URL may be linked from your course page in Canvas OR students can be directed to the Course Guide link from the Library homepage
  6. Each semester the Course Guide will be reviewed for content and to ensure that all links are working