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Citation Tools: Zotero

This guide provides an introduction to citation management programs and citation generating tools.

Zotero: Getting Started

1. Download and install Zotero 6.0; supported operating systems include Windows, Mac, and Linux. This will also install the MS Word plugin. Make sure MS Word is closed before downloading Zotero.

2. Install the Zotero Connector; Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari are the supported browsers. The Zotero Connector will automatically install a Zotero menu into Google Docs. If you use multiple browsers, you will need to install connectors for each one.

3. Register for a account.

4. Set up you Zotero program to sync to your account. Zotero syncing has two parts: data syncing and file syncing. Data syncing is free, and there is no storage limit. For file syncing, Zotero provides 300 MB of free storage space.

5. Check out Zotero's Quick Start guide for a quick overview of Zotero's features.

More Information

Zotero "Basic Training" Handout