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APA Guide-Main Page: Formatting an Appendix

Order of the Manuscript

·         Title page

·         Abstract (if required, start on a new page, numbered page 2)

·         Text (start on a new page, numbered page 3)

·         References (start on a new page)

·         Tables (start each on a new page)

·         Figures (start each on a new page; include caption on page with figure)

·         Appendices (start each on a new page)

What goes into an Appendix

"Material that supplements the content of the paper, but would be distracting or inappropriate to include in the body of the paper is to be placed in an appendix."  This includes “materials that are relatively brief and that are easily presented in print format” (Publication Manual of the APA, section 2.13).

Labeling the Appendix

·         If only one appendix: label it Appendix

·         If more than one appendix: label each one with a capital letter (Appendix A, Appendix B, etc.) in the order in which it is mentioned in the main text

·         Each appendix must have a title

·         In the text, refer to appendices by their labels:

                “… produced the same results for both studies (see Appendices A and B for complete

Formatting the Appendix

·         Begin each appendix on a separate page

·         At the top of the page, center the word Appendix and the identifying capital letters (A, B, etc.) in the order in which they are mentioned in text. 

·         Center the title of the appendix using uppercase and lowercase letters on the next line

·         Begin the text of the appendix flush left, followed by indented paragraphs