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Faculty Services-Main Page: Reserves Request

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Request form

Adding NEW eReserve items

To request a NEW e-Reserve/Book Reserve title for Fall 2017, please go to:

Step 1: Personal Info


e-mail address:

Click Next

Step 2: Course Info

Do not choose a course from the dropdown menu. Instead, go to Click here to manually enter your course information.” Enter the information requested in the fields highlighted below in red:

Course Number: Use exact acronym and number as it appears in the Course Schedule for registrations.

Course Name: If your course does not appear in the drop down, start typing it in

Instructor: If your name does not appear in the drop down, start typing it in

Term: Fall 2017

Description: Leave blank

Password: Leave blank

Enrollment: Leave blank

Click Next

Step 3: Item Info

Item Info: Begin entering the first item you’d like to appear in your e-Reserve.

Name: This is the name of the item as it appears to the student. We suggest you enter the name of the article, chapter or book here so it is easily identified.

Description: Leave blank

Password: Leave blank

URL: Leave Blank. A Librarian will retrieve the permalink to your article after you submit this article request.

File Attachment: If your article is in pdf format, you may upload that pdf file here. If you do not have the pdf, a Librarian will locate it and upload it for you.

Additional Info/Instructions: Leave blank

Display Info:

Folder: If you would like to organize your course items into folders, please enter the name of the folder for this item here. If you are entering a Book Reserve item (instead of an e-Reserve item), please label this folder “Library Books on Reserve.”

Start Visibility: Leave blank

End Visibility: Leave blank

Type Info: From the drop down menu, please choose your item type (article, book chapter, etc.)

Book / e-Book / Chapter: If you choose this option, more fields will appear for you to fill out        

Book Title:

Author / Editor:


Volume / Edition:


Publication Date:

Call Number:

Is this an e-Book? Y / N

Is this a personal copy? Y / N

Chapter Info:

Is this a chapter? Y / N: If so, these fields will also need to be completed:

Chapter Title:

Chapter Author:


Article Info: If you choose this option, these fields will also need to be completed:

Article Title:


Journal Title:




Publication Date:

DOI: Leave blank

Read the Statement of Copyright Restrictions and check the box to signify you have read and agree to the above statement.


ATTENTION! If you have another item to enter for the same course, a blue button will appear to "Add Another" once you have submitted the first item. Click on this button. You will proceed to enter the citation details of the next item, without having to enter your name, course info, etc. again.

Your request will be sent to me directly, and I will enter them into the system on an individual basis as they are received. Once I have your e-Reserve finalized, I will send you the “live” URL so you may embed it into your Canvass course. Once I have your Book Reserve finalized, the books you requested will be placed on the Reserve Book shelf in the Library. Your Book Reserve will also be listed in your course e-Reserve with a direct link to the item in the Bryan Library catalog.